It Miracolo : a season 2 is planned ?

Launched on 10 January on Arte, the series Italian “Il Miracolo” ends already this evening with the airing of its last two episodes. A season 2 will see it soon on the day or is this the end of the miracle ? Montesi Antonello Created, written, and performed by the novelist Italian Niccolo ammannati worked in order, the series Miracolo tells about the upheaval that causes several people to the discovery of a statuette of the Virgin mary crying tears of blood. An event inexplicable, all except the rational, which takes us, of eight episodes on the borders of the drama, mystical and thriller films. Launched on 10 January on Arte, the series had managed a nice start in bringing together nearly a million viewers for its first episode, and 894 000 curious on the average of the three episodes of the evening. After rather well, maintained last week (752 000 viewers on average), It Miracolo ends tonight with the last two episodes of the season. And a question will necessarily arise for all those who have enjoyed this series like no other : a season 2 will-t-she-soon to be the day on Sky in Italy and later on Arte ? “Even if viewers often request a second season when they liked a series, Niccolò, said to me once the season ends : “I did what I had to do’,” explained the producer Mario Gianani in a press conference last December. “But you never know, it will happen maybe a miracle,” he eventually added, not without humor. In short, you will have understood, no follow-up is provided by its creator and producer and, anyway, without too much spoiler, we can say that a season 2 is not required, necessarily, once the eighth and the last episode of Il Miracolo completed. The trailer of Il Miracolo, which ends tonight on Arte : Il Miracolo – season 1 trailer VO

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