Netflix : The New adventures of Sabrina, Unicorn Store… movies and series to see from 5 to 11 April

The first film by Brie Larson, a witch on the dark side, a thriller Swedish… discover the movies, tv series, and documentaries that are waiting for you on Netflix from 5 to 11 April. FRIDAY, APRIL 5, The New adventures of Sabrina part 2 : The witch apprentice is back, darker than ever, Quicksand – Nothing more grand season 1 : A thriller in sweden in which a girl is accused of murder nine months after a shooting broke out in a school. Unicorn Store : Before you go to fight alongside the Avengers, the actress Brie Larson finds his sidekick of Captain Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson, in his very first achievement. Unicorn Store trailer VO Our planet, season 1 : A documentary series offering viewers of the incredible images of the fauna and the flora, by the creators of Planet Earth. Spirit : at the canter in freedom season 8 : episodes of the animated series family adapted from the film Spirit, stallion of the cimarron. TUESDAY, APRIL 9, Trolls : in before the music!!! season 6 : The new adventures of the heroes shaggy and colorful. April and the world fake trailer VF April and the world rigged : An animated film that revisits the History of France, inspired by the graphic universe of Jacques Tardi, with the voices of Marion Cotillard and Philippe Katerine. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, You vs. Wild season 1 : The explorer Bear Grylls has not finished to surprise us : he is back in a new interactive program that provides viewers to choose the actions of the expert in survival. THURSDAY, APRIL 11, Black Summer season 1 : In this post-apocalyptic spin-off of Z-Nation, a mother and daughter are separated in the middle of a zombie attack.

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